Do you own an online e-commerce store? Then here are five brilliant ideas of how you can make the User Experience better. These tips will help you gain more visitors and web traffic. Plus, it is all helpful when it comes to SEO too.

  1. Make your site accessible

If you are running an e-commerce store, your audience will be a variety of different people all with different needs. Some customers may be colour blind or partially deaf so it is important to make sure your site is easily accessible for everyone. For example, using colours and saturation will help those with colour blindness, and if you have product videos, put on subtitles for those who are partially deaf or are in a setting where they are unable to play the sound.

  1. Optimise for every platform

Assure your website is easily accessible on all platforms, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Not optimising your site may cause a loss of visitors. Also, ensure that you double-check everything looks good on every platform. You do not want to concentrate all your efforts on the desktop site as people searching on mobile devices could be put off if the site does not display correctly for them. 

  1. Offer live chat 

Live chat is highly important when it comes to e-commerce. It taps into making your site user friendly as your audience will see this option and find it simple to ask you anything. The more people that ask questions, the more it can lead to sales. It shows your customers you are available for all their queries.  

  1. Tailor for every user

Get to know your audience and do a persona plan and customer insight analysis. This way tailoring your website for all users becomes even more possible. Look at your analytics and narrow down each person to each part of the customer journey. Does every part of the website reach out to each audience member on all aspects of this customer journey? Also, make it new and fun, let the users feel like going to your site is an experience.

  1. Visuals

Making your website visually appealing is key. The visuals are the first thing a visitor on the site will see. Bring some new tech into it, with recent events of Covid-19, maybe even do a virtual tour of your store or warehouse. Make it a fun experience. Look at who your target audience is. Do the visuals appeal to them? For example, if selling male jewellery, are the right images and colouring implemented for branding?

Overall, this needs to be well thought out and planned. Make sure you are thinking about your audience and try to appease your customers when you make these changes. Think about your SEO too, is the copy correct, and are you using the right keywords?

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