Recently, I have taken on a new challenge in my career. I have branched out from the Financial Services Industry and moved into the modern age of Digital Marketing! Working as Ground Up Digital’s ‘Business Development Manager’, i shall be prospecting exciting new leads for the business and also in turn, giving back time to the team, to do what they do best. Working with Rory & the team so far has been great and I have learned so much since I have started. This was partly through my own research, but mainly gained from being part of such a good team! I’m pleased that I have settled in nicely and look forward to spending a bit of face to face time with them now lockdowns are being lifted.

My first industry that i have chosen to target for the company is one that is close to my heart, ‘Car Parts Suppliers’. Yeah I know that sounds a bit naff to some people, but my passion for cars started at a young age and I have fixed my own cars from 17 years old, changing anything from brake pads to doing a full head gasket. And all self taught! It really excites me to be possibly working with companies I have bought car parts from in the past and people that I could have met over the years.

I have a good knowledge of car parts themselves, what sort of profit margins are associated with each part and have a very good idea of what car part brands people buy and look for. My dad has been in the automotive industry his whole life mostly selling exhausts and so it’s something I have just grown up with. My sound knowledge of the industry will stand Ground Up Digital in good stead to get the best possible advertising strategies and user experiences for this industry.

I have found a couple of trends that have stood out in the car parts industry of recent and i would like to share just one of those with you all.

Searches for car batteries after the first lockdown soared. Pretty simple explanation really when you think about it. Your car has been sat on the drive for over a year now and maybe has been locally to the shops once a week if its lucky, not to mention it has also been through a very cold snowy winter sat there doing well… not much! So you come to start it now lockdown is over and you are either going back into the office to work or going to socialise, which we have all been yearning to do for so long. Multiple flashing lights on the dash that look like Blackpool illuminations appear before your eyes, followed by the unsatisfying clicking sound of a starter motor or just a couple of weak engine turnovers before it gives up. Hmm, you have a dead battery.

We are now coming back out of a third lockdown and expect to see the same rise as before. This is where a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign would be ideal for bringing some of this search traffic to car parts businesses. Car batteries have a great profit margin for car parts stores and coupling this with Ground Up Digital typically getting 5-10x ad spend, the return on investment will be excellent and this will be advertising money well spent.