I like people who tend to get imposter syndrome. I always have, but since starting this company I find myself getting imposter syndrome anxiety myself.

I think the main problem is that I’ve launched companies in the past, usually to lukewarm applause. However, the reception I’ve received from launching Ground Up Digital was so passionate, from so many people, it set my ambition and desire to complete my social mission into overdrive.

I’ve always been impatient, especially with myself. But as an Amazon Prime subscribing millennial whose brain is constantly coming up with new and exciting plans, who can blame me? I put huge expectations upon myself and expect results yesterday. For any future staff reading this and have become worried, don’t be! I don’t hold others to the lofty expectations of myself (well only sometimes!).

The truth is the business is doing well. We’ve got clients, we’ve got a pipeline of potential new clients, I’m looking to hire new staff and I’ve already got through a huge chunk of business admin that takes some companies a lot longer.

The ride has not been without it’s setbacks, unfortunately loosing a staff member because of reasons outside of my control doesn’t help when analysing my social mission, so for the last few months it has been just me perusing my goals, which I think is what has led to the imposter syndrome. The more people that said “I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing” the more I thought about my lofty ambitions and the fact that I hadn’t managed to deliver on them… yet.

So why am I am writing this? Well, firstly, it is a very cathartic exercise to work through your feelings into a blog post. But most importantly, I want to be honest with everyone and show the world the situation I find myself in. Maybe there are others out there who are in my situation and one day people will know that I was in the same position as them.

The opposite of imposter syndrome is the Dunning-Kruger effect. This a cognitive bias that leads people with literally no qualifications to believe that they would be great at a job. Think politicians, mentioning no names, who have had literally no experience of government or public service life, suddenly running as an MP or dare I say it, President of the United States. This is why I mentioned earlier I find I like people with imposter syndrome, they are usually logical people with a lot more to offer than they believe they have.

The final thing I’ll leave you with is that I think that a little bit of imposter syndrome is a good thing.  In my case it is anyway, it is pushing me towards my goal. Pushing me to ensure that I follow through on my lofty ambitions and that is not a bad thing.