This week, Ground Up Digital have moved into a fabulous new office space called Shine In Hairhills. Shine is an old refurbished school, that streams natural light through out the building, I highly recommend that you pop down and visit, because as a social enterprise, they are a shining (see what I did there) beacon for Leeds.

When you walk into the entrance hall reception, you are greeted almost instantaneously with these fabulous Mosaics that are on the walls on each side of the room. Every time I walk through a different one seems to catch my eye. So to celebrate our moving into Shine, we thought it would be a great idea to feature the creator of these fabulous Mosaics, Alison Hepburn.

Alison’s Mosaics are full of colour and life and do not just come in the flat form made famous by the Greeks and Romans centuries ago, but also as sculptures and even wall coverings.

Here are some of our favorites which we’ve picked out, but to see a much larger range of her Mosaics, please visit her website: