A lot of people wonder what the difference is between marketing and advertising. Well, we at Ground Up Digital have written this blog to help you figure out the difference between the two. We will be talking about what both marketing and advertising are and the differences and similarities between them. It may seem that both marketing and advertising have different objectives, but they have the same purpose to alert customers to products you are selling, however the way they go about achieving this is very different. 

  • What is marketing?

There might be a few definitions of marketing out there, but we at Ground Up Digital believe that marketing is the foundation to helping you get the word out about your business and its services and products. In addition to focusing on the creativity and design of your branding and how it communicates to your target audience it is the marketing that will help define your product and connect it to the right buyers. 

  • What is advertising?

Advertising is the physical and creative process of getting your product and services out to your target audience. This process uses, media platforms such as social media, TV, and even radio. There are many ways you can go out and advertise your business, but it all depends on where your target buyers are. If you have a younger audience, you will most likely advertise on social media. Whilst an older audience would engage better with a television advertisement.. 

  • Marketing VS advertising 

Marketing and advertising come hand in hand but there are ways they can differ, for example, one is preparing a product or service for the marketing place, whilst the other is making it known to your audience and marketplace. Now in terms of which you should focus on most, there is no competition, focus on both. A lot of people may say marketing as there is a lot of focus on this everywhere, but advertising deserves just as much attention and energy!

In conclusion, as much as there are similar goals from advertising and marketing the concept is different. Marketing is a series of actions for getting your organisation to the forefront, whilst advertising is a sub-section of marketing.  We hope this blog has helped you figure out where  to put your concentration, in terms of selling your product and services.

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