Talented Leeds

We like to cover all sorts of talent in our Talented Leeds section of this job, so I thought it would be a great idea to cover one of the most creative, unique and quite possibly genius people I’ve met in my many years of living in Leeds.

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to, writer, actor, graphic designer, animator, social media guru and game reviewer Alex Skerratt.

I first met Alex, when he worked for a brief period at Wolfstar PR and I was instantly impressed with his obvious writing talent, enthusiasm and mostly what I found to be his relentless creative output.

He is a writer for the TV series Sooty and co-authored the Sooty Movie, as well as having appeared in many episodes, and you can see his full acting CV here: https://www.mandy.com/actor/profile/alex-skerratt

Not just content with writing scripts for iconic children’s characters he has also found the time to create his own “Brand-new classic kids TV show” called ‘The Trimmings’:

He’s also a copywriter on the subject of customer experience for Nunwood KPMG… if that doesn’t show his diversity then I don’t know what does.

If I was to tell you I’ve only now gone a micro-fraction into the depths of Alex’s creativity then you may not believe me, but it’s true. Relentless creativity is not a term I use lightly. All I can say is if you need an actor HIRE HIM, if you need a copywriter HIRE HIM, if you need to run a classic TV show email correspondence campaign HIRE HIM, if you need to figure out how to entertain a tapdancing Martian who has inadvertently fallen in love with Christopher Eccleston then you need to HIRE Alex, because he’s literally the best person for the job.

What more can I say? Because I could keep on peeling back layers, but won’t, I will, however, leave you with an episode from one of my favourite Alex S creations, Al Survive, which is written, performed and graphically enhanced by… yes, you guessed it… The man himself: