For Ground Up Digital, and also every other business in the country, March was a tough month. Really tough. It started at the beginning of March with me announcing that this “Coronavirus thing may be a bigger issue than we first thought” (understatement or what?!?), and finished with us being forced to furlough two staff members. During that time, Ryan and I have worked some seriously long days to ensure that not just our client’s needs have been met, but also that we were able to help as many people as possible. A lot of people are struggling and it’s been fantastic to be able to help those people who have really needed us.

Ryan, through all of this, has been a sea of calm in a raging storm. Completely unflappable. When faced with some very tough challenges, he has risen to the occasion and not once has he complained. Furthermore, he has been actively working until late in the evening, picking up additional jobs because he knows they will add value to our clients. It would also be completely understandable given everything going on around him if his quality of work took a dip, but it actually seems to have improved.

We have never before done an employee of the month, and we may not do one again, but I felt it is incredibly important to recognise the hard work and effort put in by Ryan, during what has been the hardest month in most people’s living memories. On top of his hard work, Ryan is still getting comments from our clients about how much of a lovely, positive and friendly person he is.

We feel incredibly lucky to have him on our team, so this weekend I will be raising a glass to him. Thank you Ryan, I could not have gotten through this month without you.

Rory Mason

Managing Director

3rd April 2020