In December Google changed its algorithm ready for the new year. So we at Ground Up Digital thought we would give you an idea of what this means for the future of SEO and website traffic, as well as how to get used to some of the new changes to help you with your online business in the future.

  • What this new algorithm means for the future of SEO

Within the new algorithm, there is an aspect called the Core Web Vitals, which measures good user experience.  With this information, you can help track and influence your rankings. But with the new CVW system, there is no need to completely abandon your content creation, as it is still important to provide valuable content and answer all your users’ questions. Also, make sure they are continuously being adhered to.

  • What the page experience update means for rankings

The recently developed page experience update means if you are not already meeting the criteria for a good page experience, this will severely hurt your rankings. With this in mind it is even more important to ensure your users feel involved on your page and are having a positive overall experience. Check your website loading time is sufficient, plus the site itself is easy to navigate. Also, make sure your mobile web page is easy to use and user friendly.

  • What is meant by page experience?

Speaking of page experience, let’s give you an idea of what it is. This is Google’s way of evaluating a set of signals to see how user-friendly your website can be. As mentioned before, these signals will include how fast your web page loads, if it is mobile-friendly, and also if it runs on HTTPS. This is all very important for your SEO and site rankings. If Google is getting a signal that users are clicking your site and waiting, or they aren’t spending enough time on your website then this will lower your rankings.

  • How to prepare for the page experience update

With this new update available, it is key to prepare for the page user experience update now. The new Core Web Vitals report is a fantastic place to start. You can get a sense of how your site is performing in various areas. Of course, how much of an effect this will have on rankings isn’t clear yet. But make sure to keep track of everything. 

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