AI or artificial intelligence is something that brings fear to people when mentioned as it has many negative connotations associated with it. Well, what many people do not realise is that it is everywhere. AI is in our homes right now, and we all love it. Here are some ways that AI has helped improve our customer experiences.

  • AI has a better customer understanding

AI can learn and improve the data it analyses at twice the speed of any human, meaning all data and analytics for any marketing campaigns can happen instantly. It is also able to anticipate customer behavior. Even though humans can do this with a lot of research and data findings, AIs being able to do this will make it 1000 times simpler for us. AIs are able to recommend the best actions for the customer by learning how interests and insights reflect their needs; this is fantastic for the customer journey.

  • Real time data insights

The smart thing about real-time data is that it can improve speed for more effective marketing to customers. Also, it makes the insights of a campaign quick and easy to find. All customers love some personalised recommendations, something that makes them think you did it just for them! With AI’s ability to give us data in real-time, it will create the quickest and best personal recommendations. It will help a one time customer turn into a loyal customer for sure. AIs can recognise and understand a customer’s intent through the data they provide.

  • Business context

AI knows when an email is an email and also when a campaign is a campaign. Meaning their communication will be able to adapt to each aspect.  This will make it seem a lot more personal when helping with communication. Inbound calls will be made easier with the help of artificial intelligence. The new technology we have now can also make the final part of the customer journey straight forward. With tracking and shipping, there is so much order fulfillment.

  • Customer service gigantic makeover

The new take over with customer service is incredible! With chatbots and the new wave of virtual assistance, it is all so fresh. Some people may have certain issues with the use of chatbots, as they may prefer a more human interaction; this is likely to change in the future. I see the aspect of chatbots improving, to the point you will not even notice you are talking to a bot.

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