Are you confused about what type of content to put out on social media or how to begin with your social media campaign? Well, we at Ground Up Digital have written this blog to help you. Plus, we’ll look at how you can differentiate your content from B2B and B2C.

  • Content

The differences in the content between B2C and B2B on social media is quite simple. B2C businesses focus on emotional content and content that entertains which  keeps up with the interest of their target group. When it comes to B2B companies their social posts should be full of facts and statistics, with a little bit of emotion and entertainment for their target audience. For both companies a common factor will be that the content has to have a narrative and tell a story.

  • Platforms

When creating your content and planning it, make sure it goes out to the right platform. Research the best social platform for your business and where most of your target audience will be. For B2Bs, the best type of social forum would be somewhere you can connect with other businesses and pages, such as LinkedIn and even Facebook. For B2Cs, somewhere you can liaise with your customers would be a great platform, for example, Instagram and Twitter. Try and get into the mindset of your target audience. Make sure to authentically share your story to the right people in the right places.

  • Ad copy

The one key thing you should remember is that the copy shared on your social channels needs to fit the right audience. It differs between B2B and B2C. When it comes to B2B, it is very important to learn the correct type of language. Understand your target audience’s terminology, do some research, look at the keywords they are searching, and what keywords your competitors are using. When it comes to B2C, again evoke emotion, get your audience gripped and involved with your product or services. Your language needs to speak to them and relate to them.

  • Audience targeting 

Audience targeting should have your focus. If you do not know who you are posting your content for, you will never reach the targets or sales you were hoping to achieve. When it comes to B2B and audience targeting, it is best to make sure you find your niche, find the right demographic for you and analyse the data. With B2C, however, you should examine your demographic and do a full customer insight. Who is your service product targeting? Are you doing thorough research on them?  This will ensure you are targeting them correctly.

  • Customer relationships

Once you have done all this research and got the right content for the right personas it is time to start building relationships. B2B businesses need to concentrate on forming those personal relationships. Get on social media, and truly network and gain those clients and show them the real you. When it comes to B2C, concentrate on user-friendly experiences. Is your website fast and running well? If it isn’t user-friendly, your audience will not be staying or buying.

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