Backlinks are highly important for any business but mostly for B2B as this helps them gain some competition with their counterparts when targeting the same keywords. But you also need to know which backlinks will help your business gain credibility on Google.

Linkable content

To gain quality backlinks from highly trusted websites, you need to make sure you have high quality and linkable content on your own website. Always make sure the sites that have linked to you are related to your industry and relevant to your audience.

Competitive analysis

To find such websites and blog pages, start by examining your competitors and look at their site to check which strategies they are using. Take a look at their content, what approach they take when posting images and videos? Are they using infographics? What subjects are they talking about? How are they engaging their audience?… Ask yourself these questions.

Another thing you could do is use tools to help you with targeting these competitor backlinks. For example SEMrush, this will help you see which sites are linking to your competitors website and the type of backlinks they are getting which will save you a lot of time. Another tool you can use is Ubersuggest.

Business listings

One suggestion that isn’t truly Google friendly unless done right is Guest Blogging, it actually is very effective for getting quality backlinks to your business website. One issue is that it is an incredibly long process, as you have to send out many emails just to get one response. But you never know, that one response could open the door for many other guest blogging opportunities.

Google business listings is another tool I will mention that will help you gain the most quality backlinks. Backlinks from different website listings will help you gain some good domain authority.

This is good practice as most of your audience are most likely to come from searching your name through these business listing sites to find out more about you, or maybe to just find your website. 


Finally testimonials! Writing testimonials for brands you have worked with and also getting them to write one for you. This is probably one of the easiest and simplest ways to get some high quality backlinks and you get some amazing feedback at the same time.

Need a little help?

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