There are many ways you can improve your paid media advertising but we at Ground Up Digital will help you with some basics. Firstly, the best paid posts should be centered around a specific product, include a call to action and lead to a social media landing page. 

Make sure you have a goal for your paid ad campaign, every business should have a unique goal that sets them apart from the rest.  Something that targets the right audience and helps them progress through the buyer journey.

Speaking of helping audiences go through the customer journey, paid ads can help you with brand awareness. This is a great way to get your brand in front of prime customers, You can use it to create a persona plan with a name, age and geo location of all the customer profiles.

The best way to improve on the brand awareness would be to create high quality and relevant content, that really grabs the right type of customers. Make sure the content empathises with the customer too. 

The best types of paid ad content are high quality static images, videos that get straight to the point, or a carousel of images that tell a story or offer some educational information about your product and/or brand.

One successful way to truly create the best type of content for paid ads is story posts. This is a quick and creative way to get your message across and  with the swipe up feature it can be an easy way to get some clicks on the link.

If you need help creating a successful advertising campaign get in touch with us today. We specialise in Google and Facebook advertising to drive more traffic and sales to your business.