Having issues generating leads from your email marketing? Well, this blog should give you an idea of what you can improve to gain more traffic and  get people to read your emails instead of skimming past or deleting them.

  • Not enough ground work

Most email marketing campaigns seem to follow quite a similar pattern.  Having the main aspect of the email and then adding a bit of content and images. Some parts are missing throughout most of this journey, like checking what your email looks like on various devices. Sometimes when people open their emails on their mobile, images may not load or are too oversized.

  • Trying to sell rather than help

You do not want your email content to look too pitchy, as many readers will delete it immediately or not even look at it. You need to take a look at what problems your clients or subscribers are having and make sure you are helping them rather than just selling to them. Focus on what they need and how you can help them with that exact focus point in mind when curating the email campaign. 

  • Not personal enough

One reason people will unsubscribe from your email campaign is that the content is not personal enough. The click rate for your emails will go through the roof once your readers feel like the content relates to them. One way to easily do this is to separate your target market into different segments and then create content that is relevant to each section. Doing this will surely help with any future content plans, making it easier to curate a campaign.

  • Unappealing subject line

The first thing people will read is the subject line, this part is key. You need to make sure it is appealing and hooks people in to read, otherwise, people will not click on the email at all. Maybe test out a few subject lines beforehand and see if it works and if the keywords are correct. Analyse your audience and competitors and see what works for them. Check the analytics of your previous emails and see which ones your audience found the most interesting.

  • Poor email design

The content and visual design of your email are key when attracting readers. Or getting people to click on the link of the email. You need to make sure you have a vast amount of appealing template designs, with the right colors, images, and even logo placement. Also, analyse the readability of your previous emails and which ones got the best traffic.

  • Using more tools

Implementing various inbound marketing and CRM tools can also be quite helpful when it comes to email marketing. We at Ground Up Digital have partnered with HubSpot, and it has improved our email campaigns massively. With easy access to our email lists and a large variety of amazing templates, it is such a simple and user-friendly tool.

We hope these tips help you with your future campaigns and various other marketing needs. Keep in mind these ideas when focusing on email marketing, as it may seem like an old idea, but with these improvements, it can be very useful.

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