Creating brand awareness is very important as you want a loyal customer base that knows you by looking at your logo or the content you post online. Take Apple, for example; that brand has some die-hard fans. Even when they have done something to disappoint them, people will continue to buy their products. This is due to the brand awareness they have created plus the quality of their marketing. They stuck to what they knew and stayed consistent, building an impression, as well as a very loyal target audience.In this blog, we at Ground Up Digital will be giving some tips on how to make your brand stand out.

  • Show your personality

Always show your personality. Your audience wants to know who you are and what you can offer emotionally, as this is more than just what you sell. Your audience will enjoy seeing and hearing the people behind the brand. Show your face more on social media, maybe do small posts that introduce the team. Also, have a meet the teams’ page on your website. Doing this will also be helpful in letting your audience see the faces behind the organisation. Make social posts about certain team activities you do, not just what you sell, plus share your colleagues’ posts and interact.

  • Tell your story

Telling a story is key if you want your brand to stand out. As the world is full of brands that probably do something similar to what you do, you need to decide what makes you different; what is your story? Tell your audience how you got to where you are and how far you have grown. Also, what is it that your business stands for? That is important as it could be something that resonates with your audience and how they interpret you. Try and let them know what drives you and show them how passionate you are about your business.

  • Keep it sincere 

Show your audience sincerity. If you are replying or interacting to every comment with the same generic copy and pasted message  people will not see you are a real business. Audiences will start to think your social media platforms are run by botsand you have no authenticity behind your social platform. Try and show your human side and push the personality of your brand. Post some funny social content or reply with unique and sassy comments. By doing this your brand will grow and people will have more of an insight into your business’s personality.

  • Focus on your strengths

You need to distinguish your brand from the rest, think about what makes you more distinctive, and focus on pushing that. What is your strength? What makes you unique? Ask yourself these questions andtry to promote this to your audience. Focus on what skills make you different, this is the best way to find out what your unique selling point is.  Once you have figured this out it means you have something to show your target audience, something that will also bring in more awareness. Having something that people will remember you by is the only way that will help you gain more sales and online traffic.

  • Keep on consistent

If you want awareness and people to notice you, you have to stay consistent. Staying consistent in all aspects of your business is important. You can not have one type of tone of voice through your social platforms one minute and another the next. People will notice this, and suddenly you will start losing sales and revenue. It becomes easier when you already know what your purpose, values, personality, and tone of voice are, as you then have an easy time preparing branded content. If you feel like it is time to change up your brand, make sure to  stay true to all your core values, also let your audience know about the changes.

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