As we all know, B2B and B2C are two very different industries therefore, the marketing is very different. With B2B, to get the best from your marketing strategy you need to create content that helps educate your target audience. The best way to do this is to find out what keywords they will be searching for to find the information they are looking for. This reasoning is why we at Ground Up Digital have written this blog to help you select the correct and most meaningful words for your B2B business and help with its SEO.

  • Make a seed list

When you gather information and do keyword research, the first step  is to make a seed list. This step would include speaking to our clients and asking them questions about the passion and drive behind their business. This information makes it easier to begin the rest of our keyword journey. Over time, when gathering more information and doing more keyword research, this list should grow, so make sure it is not too long at the start. Otherwise, things will become too much and get too complicated.

  • Review your content

Once you have got the base of your keyword research sorted, the next part will take a look at the content already on your website.  Look at your website from the perspective of a potential client/customer and make some notes; what message do you think you are giving out when you look at the site as an outsider? By taking a look at your website through a client mindset, it will be easier for you to see what they need or what they will search to get onto your site or look for your product.

  • Identify your rankings

Using several tools such as SemRush or Google Analytics, you can check how your current keywords affect your rankings. Plus, you can double-check how your visitors are currently accessing your site. With most of these SEO tools, you can see what specific words and phrases visitors used to reach your site.

  • Competitive research

Taking a look at where your competitors rank with their keywords is very helpful when trying to figure out your keyword research journey. Looking at what your competitors are doing in terms of what they are promoting and what content they have put up on their website is helpful when trying to figure out your strategy. It may seem weird but looking at what others are doing can assist you in finding your niche. 

  • Select target keywords

When selecting keywords, it may be common for some marketers to list from 300 to 400 keywords, but it is best to focus on 40 or fewer. This information will help narrow down the content you want to create. . Next, take a look at the metrics of these words and narrow them down to perform the best.

In conclusion, it is best to start your journey looking at everything as an outsider and go from there. Once you have a list, narrow it down to which keywords perform the best using SEO tools, and those are the best keywords for your B2B business.

We hope this blog has helped you find and gather the right keywords for your B2B business. If you need any more help, please do contact us at Plus, check out our website to see all our other services at