Recently we at Ground Up Digital got ourselves on TikTok. We are very excited to start posting content on the app. This new venture is something the team has been planning for a little while. Everyone has done a lot of research on how to grow on TikTok. We took a look at how it works and all the insights behind it, taking a thorough look at the business management page. We have decided to share the information we have found with you, to help you, and maybe you can implement it into your own business.

  • Study and understand the platform

Firstly, make sure to study the platform. Understand the content on there, guaranteeing that it correlates with what you want to post. Doing this is very important as it would not help your channel or ad growth if you do not know what to post, or you are posting things that your target audience will not be interested in watching. We found that TikTok is an app based on community engagement, which means you can find lots of already existing content and put your own spin on it.

  • Plan creative and unique content

Make sure your content relates to you. The post needs to tell the story of your brand and express your personality. Within the TikTok app, everybody is mostly using pre-existing ideas and taking part in the same challenges, being original is paramount when posting. The repetitiveness of TikTok’s content is why we are telling you to plan as you will need to be a few steps ahead of the game to confirm you are getting the interaction you need.

  • Make the most out of TikTok’s advertising

Monetising your content on TikTok has become the future. Brands everywhere are now paying to get their ads shown to users. There are various ways you can pay the platform for your ads to show. Such as Brand Takeovers, Native Ads, and Sponsored Hashtag Challenges. To go into detail, Brand Takeovers are when the ads appear on the users’ feed before they see any other accounts’ content. Native ads are when your ads pop up when the user is scrolling. And Hashtag Challenges are when you can pay to sponsor a hashtag challenge that many are taking part in posting.

  • Promote user interaction 

User interaction is something we feel is very important. As you spend time and effort planning and creating this content and paying for the ads, it would be disappointing if no users interacted with your posts. Promoting user interaction can be asking them questions, inviting them to duet with your videos, or creating a challenge they may be interested in taking part in doing. Although some of this may not help further your following, it will help you get to know your audience on the app a little more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any more information.  If you are looking to get your business on TikTok, let us know, and we can help you. Check out our website to get to know us more and take a look at our services.