How to Write Engaging Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest social network with over 2.41 billion active users every month. It’s easy to see, there is real potential for your business to reach a global audience. However, with over 939,000 posts being shared every 60 seconds, knowing how to write engaging Facebook ads that stand out from the crowd is vital if you want to stop those thumbs from scrolling past!

Get your company noticed, engage your audience and achieve your goals, with this handy guide:

Engaging Ad Content Map

Plan for your MAM

It’s vital when you create any marketing you really think about your MAM (no that’s not what I meant). Your MAM is the Message, the Audience and the Media for your advert. Creating content which your audience understands and can easily relate to will make the advert more relevant. The more relevant it is, the more likely they are to take in the content and then ultimately buy your product.

Choose the Message

Think about what you really want to get across to a customer. What would you say, if you could tell them anything about your product or service to help you achieve your business goals? You need to make sure to focus on one call to action per advert, that way it is clear to the recipient exactly what you want them to do next. So many companies try to tell you about everything they do in one advert, but to really capture your audience’s attention, create separate adverts for each goal and you’ll get better results.

Choose your Audience

Think about the Audience, who specifically do you want to tell this information to?

Facebook Advertising allows you to be precise with your targeting, so you can be very specific about who sees which ad. This allows you to communicate different messages to different groups to match their interests. This results in more people being interested and engaging with your brand.

As you go through the MAM process, you will no-doubt discover that for each message there will be multiple audiences.

Create your Media

Then once you have chosen your message and audience you need to start creating the Ad. Think about what would be the best media to use to really get your message across and engage your audience.

As a general rule, video receives the best engagement, then photo, then text. However this can vary depending on what you want to say. Adverts with images & video are more likely to be clicked on and are also treated more favourably in the Facebook algorithm so will be shown more frequently.

Think about your target audience when picking images and try to select something which would appeal to them.

Once you’ve made sure your MAM is ok, it’s time to get to work creating your adverts.

One of our top ads, is this simple video about our services. It’s engaging, to the point and captures the essence of what we do without bombarding the viewer with too much detail…

Engaging Facebook Ad Content1
Engaging Facebook Ad Content2

Here’s some quick tips to get you started:

  1. Keep the Headline Conversational– your ad will need a short and clear headline that sums up what it’s about. Using a relaxed tone will work best as people get annoyed easily at adverts which are too pushy and will just scroll past them. Avoid too much text as this can be off-putting and try to tie in the headline to any visuals you have used.


  1. Have a Clear Call-To-Action – your advert needs to have a clear action that it wants the viewer to take, this is usually clicking on the ad. Keep the ad focused and simple so that it is obvious to the viewer where to click. Adding a sense of urgency can be encouraging with the use of words and phrases such as “today”, “right now” and “offer ends soon”.


  1. Test Your Ad – try running 2 similar adverts at the same time but make each one slightly different. The interaction you get on these 2 ads will give you an idea of which is the most popular. This is a great way to determine what works and what doesn’t work with your target audience and will make communicating with them much easier.

Need some more help?

We know that sometimes it can be difficult keeping up with social media, especially for smaller businesses. To get the best results can take years of practice, a bit of trial and error, and some good old fashioned persistence. It really can be a full-time job keeping up with everything.

If you’d like some more advice or assistance with your facebook advertising, get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help: Contact us here