With the working environment changing many people are now working at home. With no office environment the only communication you are getting from your team is through Zoom, making it difficult to get your creative juices flowing.

The debate on working from home has actually been going on for years with many pros and cons, but with recent events many companies have had little to no choice but to implement remote working. When it comes to creatives this may seem like the type of work that needs little engagement. But some creative workers may be dealing with creative tension by not being able to easily share their ideas with  their team.

Bouncing ideas off each other is very important when it comes to creativity, but working from home can also be helpful if you have a creative block. Having the freedom to grab a coffee or take your dog out for a nice morning walk can help you come up with ideas. 

Working from home can also make it easier for you to gather new and unique ideas, and it  adds that extra time for any needed research.  Having your own office at home is sometimes the best environment to implement creative ideas.

We at Ground Up Digital have really improved our new working environment, by prioritising  team culture. We have video meetings daily  to keep up to date with everything as much as possible. We also  utilise many collaboration tools on a daily basis and make sure everyone has a say on every project. This was important to us before remote working and we made sure to carry on its importance during.