We at Ground Up Digital, like everyone else the past year, have implemented working from home, and it has been a great  decision for our business. We love the flexibility remote working offers our staff and are keen to continue this new way of working even after the pandemic is over. We have noticed we are not the only organisation to make this decision with many others choosing to close office spaces and embrace working from home in the future.  In this blog, we will be discussing why people have decided to continue remote working.

  • Positives of WFH

When working from home, there is an increase in productivity, and people seem to enjoy working more in their home environment. Plus, working from home makes it easier to balance your work life and personal life, with more time at home and no commute to and from the office Within organisations, remote working means the location of employees can be more flexible, businesses can hire staff from anywhere across the country or even the world, expanding the number of candidates for any new role. Working from home also provides the ability to adapt your workspace to suite your needs, having a whole space that is your own makes working so much easier. 

  • Negatives of WFH

Of course, there are downsides to working from home, such as having many more distractions around you. Not being in an office may also disadvantage some people as their home may not be the best environment to work within. Another issue people can have is they may not know when to stop working as you never technically leave the office. One thing that people miss is not being able to go and chat with a co-worker and ask their advice on something without having to call them on Zoom.

  • Implementing a hybrid workplace

They say that implementing a hybrid workplace could be the future, as there are pros and cons of working in an office and remote working, so bringing the two worlds together might be the perfect option. Hybrid working conditions allow collaboration both in person and virtually. Also, it promotes higher levels of productivity as it allows people to get the best of all environments when needed. Businesses can grow too, as it opens an opportunity to hire globally.

  • Maintaining a hybrid workplace

Maintaining a hybrid workplace will be easy, especially if you have already been working from home for over the past year. You need to now bring back the idea of getting back into the office and working as a team in one space again. Having the office only for important events or meetings could be one idea and continuing to regularly work at home is one simple way to implement it all. Also asking what hours your co-workers want to be in the office and having an office schedule and planner is a great way of maintaining this new idea of hybrid working.

Overall, working environments have changed over the past year and we hope this blog helped give you an idea of what the future might hold. For more information on who we are and what we do check out our website at http://groundup.digital.