It is coming up to the year anniversary of the first time the UK was put into lockdown. The news has been crazy, and we have all felt very unsure about what the future holds for us. With the recent vaccine rollout and Boris Johnson announcing the news of easing us out of lockdown number 3, is your business ready for the world to be open again? Well, we here at Ground Up Digital have written this blog to help you be more prepared.

  • Preparing for the demand

With lockdown easing, this may mean an influx of new businesses opening which also means a possibility of new customers and traffic. Plus, a chance of already existing customers itching to get back to normality. Either way is your business ready and prepared for the high demand that will be coming your way? It’s important to ensure your digital marketing is up to par and that you have a well-thought-out strategy and are following it to the T. Adjust your marketing plans now, for the rest of the year.

  • Explosion of digital

With recent events, there has been a massive growth in terms of the use of digital technology. Now that everyone is working remotely people have had to embrace digital like never before. Over the past year we’ve seen technology advance rapidly and businesses have had to adapt to this in order to survive. Some companies that unfortunately had to press pause on their organisation, used this time wisely to update their online presence. Now is a great time to get your website updated, plan your content strategy and get the communication out there digitally, as everyone is already online. 

  • Seizing the opportunity

As we have mentioned, there is no better time to take this opportunity. If you have been thinking: “My social media needs better content” or “My website needs a slight update,” do it now! Take a look at marketing trends that link to your business, what are your competitors doing? Are you ranking highly in terms of SEO? If your business needs to think about the new rules put in place due to Covid-19, are these being implemented? Tell your customers in a newsletter, make sure to communicate to them what you are doing.

  • The new normal

Everything right now may seem very uncertain as we are all living in a state of limbo and unpredictability. One thing to be said is that this seems like the new normal; it may mean that things will be this way for a while. Keeping this in mind, make sure to prioritise the digital aspect of your business. Due to current events, it is important to regularly communicate with your customers and clients, and the only way to do that at the moment is through digital. 

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