Easter is on its way and we at Ground Up Digital want to make sure you are implementing it into your marketing campaigns. Here is a blog we have written to help you out with the next steps.

  • Send out special Easter newsletters and email campaigns

Email marketing can be very effective and become the best implementation in your marketing strategy. Make sure the content and images on the newsletter are Easter-related. When sending these unique newsletters make sure to make them Easter specific. Doing this will be helpful in terms of driving sales during the spring. Remember the design of your email is crucial to getting your audience’s attention.

  • Special Easter social media content

A consistent Easter theme all over your social media content is a fantastic way to get your target audience’s attention. All content should have the same colours, tone, and messaging. Post some content about contests or promotions you might have to offer over the holidays. This is a great way to gain more traffic over the holidays. 

  • Interact with your audience 

It’s very important to interact with your audience, let them know you wish them a Happy Easter. Your consumers need to know that a human runs your account and not a robot. You could even run a contest, play a game or post some promotions. One thing you could also do is hide an Easter egg in all your Easter pictures and have your audience find it for a prize.

  • Special Easter landing pages

A landing page for your consumers to see over Easter with a specific Easter design would be good marketing and a fantastic campaign. It is also an excellent way to turn your audience into paying customers. This can also fit into your Email Campaign, have a link, and encourage people to click on the link.

  • Run a contest

As mentioned before running contests on social media specific to Easter, is a fun and great way to engage with your audience and for them to engage with you. You could also promote the contest on various other platforms. This is a great PPC post too, by getting offers outside of your following to join in.

I hope this blog helped you and you are now ready for Easter! For more advice please do contact us at: Contact@groundup.digital and make sure to check out our website for more blogs like this: http://groundup.digital.