This is a real touch of class from a truly thoughtful businessman. 

Today I received this in the post from the regular Malta visitor Tommi Murshed-Parish of Vouch4Me Video. The note was truly touching, it was personalised and really made me feel like he cared.

Tommi is a contact I met not long before lockdown at the end of February. I’ve since had the chance to work with him on a project and found him to be a great guy. Not only has Tommi carried on working, he has also created a marketing power group, that I’ve had the pleasure to join along with other marketers from all over the world. I’m only gutted I had to crash out early.

The final compliment I can give Tommi is that you HAVE to follow his posts on LinkedIn! He has a style that is both engaging and thought-provoking and also regularly shocking. He mixes pop culture with business tips to portray his thoughts as a story and it is quite frankly genius. 

Thanks for the support Tommi, you’re a top gentleman.