Within the past few days, LinkedIn has added the swipe up feature on their stories, very similar to what Instagram has available. This was tested back in September, initially there were a few glitches, but they have now been fixed and it is ready to be rolled out. Within just a few months, this was all planned and ready to launch and is now available for those that meet the criteria.

With this new add on when creating a story, you will have an option that says “see more” in which you can link to a URL of your choosing. Viewers can then click this link and get straight through to that web page. This feature is similar to ones on other platforms, such as Instagram.. It seems to be very popular with branding and marketing, so I can see why they have chosen to use it on LinkedIn too.

Like with everything new on social media there is a catch as this feature is not available to everyone. It has been mentioned those who will have access to the swipe up button will be official LinkedIn pages and individual users with over 5,000 connections. Personally, this feature seems to be more beneficial to companies and branding so making it available to all company pages is a sensible option. 

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