With the new update on Instagram they have included a new way for brands to get more flexibility when posting branded content ads. Instagram are now giving advertisers the ability to publish sponsored posts through users’ accounts.

This new refurbishment offers  an easier workflow when running these ads but also gives creators the power to approve and pause any ads that are published from their handle. Which is great as you don’t have to ask permission. 

Setting it all up is really simple. The advertiser sends a request for Ad Creation Access found within the settings (Business > Branded Content > Request Ad Creation Access) then the creator accepts it. Then, when an advertiser creates an ad using the creator’s handle, they can approve it.

The ads will look exactly like the organic posts from the user’s account, but it will have a tag on top reading “Paid partnership with”. Unlike previously where the content would have to be posted first, then promoted as an ad, it is now much easier. 

This new creation flow was designed with creator control in mind. Making it easier to get those ads out there without having to wait for the organic post to go up and easily share it on to your stories too. 

Branded Content ads in Stories can now include tappable elements, such as @mentions, location and hashtags. Instagram wants brands to have access to organic Stories making it easier for creatives to post native and more authentic stories too.

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