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Doctor Tree


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Website Build

Professional & Natural

This customer required a more Commercial facing site to appeal to a wider customer base, to partner with his existing website.

Features include:

  • Menu links to existing website(s)
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Dynamic Counters and on-page animations
  • Bespoke, off-brand colour scheme
  • Fully responsive design


The customer specifically wanted the new, Commercial website to feel distinctive from his current one.

The existing website (and general colour scheme) was aimed at being more family friendly and to appeal to a wider customer base.

The new website was going to be targeted towards larger, commercial clients and therefore had to convey an additional feel of quality.

Ground Up Digital developed an entirely new colour scheme to use on the website, to ensure it remained distinct from the client’s existing site.

Colour Palette

This new colour palette, while conveying a more premium feel, also retains the company’s connection to nature, with their commitment to working with nature to achieve the best outcome for their customers.

Multi-site Functionality

An important aspect of this build was the fact that this could be all maintained centrally, so the customer would not have to manage to entirely different website admin areas to make necessary content changes in the future.

To meet this requirement we implemented the WordPress multi-site option to his existing website, so both websites could now be accessed from one central admin panel.

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