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New Website Build




Website Build

Fresh, New but Traditional

The brief for this website to take a single, one-page website and expand this into a more comprehensive fully functioning Restaraunt website.

Features include:

  • Closely adhering to existing brand and brand guidelines
  • In built booking system
  • Detailed custom built menu pages (which are easily editable)
  • Simple Contact Form with Google Map location
  • COVID Information and easy QR Code scanning
  • Fully responsive design


The brief we received from the client was simple; building a new website with enhanced functionality that closely adhered to the existing website’s look and feel, to ensure customers visiting the site didn’t feel lost upon arriving at the brand new website.

While a simple brief, this brought its own challenges in trying to ensure the website felt new and fresh, while also familiar.

Colour Palette

Retaining the classic Salute colour schemes alongside modern design ideas, we were able to create a website that both felt familiar, family friendly and modern but also had a fresh new look.

The restaurant serves traditional, delicious Italian meals so it was also important this was conveyed through the design, both through the use of the amazing pictures supplied and using a deep rose combined with a subtle gold highlight, gave the website a premium feel.

Custom Menu Pages

The Menu pages are well spaced making them easy to navigate. An important aspect from the client is they could be updated easily and new pages created whenever needed.

We adopted a simple to use admin system which allows Menu items to be added, duplicated, edited or removed with ease.

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