We at Ground Up Digital pride ourselves when it comes to working within holistic marketing. Therefore, we have decided to put together some pros and cons of affiliate marketing. Seeing as this is something that isn’t mentioned often, but interesting to look into when looking at lead generation.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. It is a fantastic way to drive sales and generate significant online revenues. It is highly beneficial for both brands and marketers when it comes to getting that online traffic. Perfect for spreading out responsibility in terms of your product marketing. The affiliate searches for a product they like and then promotes that product and earns a slight profit from each sale created. There are a variety of marketing channels you can affiliate from, like, blogging, influencer marketing, and email lists. One of the main ones used in 2021 is influencer marketing; it became well used throughout the past couple of years.

  • Pros of Affiliate Marketing

One of the pros is that you can work with as many affiliates as possible; there is no limit to how many you can market through. There are flexible commission models. You can market them at any price that is suitable for you. You get to reach new and loyal customers; affiliate marketing is perfect for lead generation. It is fantastic for new and small businesses as there is a minimal investment to start and, as mentioned before, flexible fees to help you out. With all this, you can make a secondary source of income next to your business.

  • Cons of Affiliate Marketing

The cons of affiliate marketing can vary due to the fact that you will not always have full control of all affiliate programs and  your competition, unlike other marketing aspects. Also, with affiliate marketing, you will not be able to establish your customer base,but this can be seen as a pro as it means more lead generations. When working on a pay-per-performance basis, it can be quite risky, as no one can guarantee revenue straight away from affiliate performances and product ads.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, it seems that there are more benefits to affiliate marketing than disadvantages. Even though it may not be something your brand or company has ever done, it would not hurt to try it. Also, you will not be losing out on anything if you do try it. It is always a good idea to look at the pros and cons before trying any new marketing campaign.
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