• Research keywords

All great SEO campaigns start with keyword research, which for some means using the free tool given to us by Google. Plus various other royals out there. The worst thing you can do is use keywords that do nothing to leverage your company website or lead prospects to your company. 

You can even do a competitor analysis and piggyback off their keywords,  outranking them in listings and pulling business in your direction.  Make sure not to overdo the keywords though, as this can really lower your SEO boost and you will rank poorly.

  • Easy link building opportunities 

When it comes to building links organically it can take a lot of time and effort to do so. You need to make sure you have a backlog of content that is engaging to your audience and everyone wants to click on. This way you can look at opportunities to find influencers to collaborate and work with and various other easy link building opportunities.

Another way to gain some high-quality backlinks is to help various site owners fix their broken links. You can search for these then contact the site owner offering to help fix their link and offer your own website as a substitute. 

  • Social media content

Making sure that your content on social media is of high quality and engaging can help leverage traffic to your website. By using social media in your SEO strategy you are able to reinforce your brand image and gain more awareness of it.

Also think about the type of content you are distributing and what platforms will be best for that type of content. For example, if you are mainly posting videos, infographics and images then Instagram would be the best platform for you. If you are posting blogs and written content Facebook and LinkedIn are the best places to post. 

  • Evergreen content

When doing a SEO campaign make sure to remember the most important aspect is the content involved. Every piece of content needs to keep the consumer in mind and also make sure to tell them how you can help them. Offer them a reason to stay on your website as they have stumbled upon it.

This content needs to be evergreen; it needs to be the type of content you can always use and will stay relevant to you. This is also the type of content that will help you gain more traffic and will lead to more social shares.

  • Reduce loading time on site

User experience is very important when it comes to SEO and gaining traffic, if a customer is on your website and is unhappy about their experience this may mean losing a sale as they may not want to come back onto your website again.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the loading speed of your website is fast and reliable, so no user loses their patience when loading your site. Google also rewards fast loading websites by giving them a higher ranking.

If you need help with SEO get in touch with us today. We specialise in creating results driven SEO campaigns for all types of businesses.