Social Enterprise of the Week - ECT Charity

Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

ECT Charity

ECT Charity provide safe, accessible and affordable community transport to people who are unable to use mainstream transport. Their services are used by the elderly and those with mobility or other difficulties, allowing them to get out and about.

Their Vision / Mission:

ECT Charity started life as Ealing Community Transport in 1979, with a mission to provide transport for older and disabled people in Ealing. Over 4 decades later, they are still doing an amazing job of making journeys possible for so many people. The organisation has now expanded to provide services in several other regions across the UK, helping even more people remain independent.

Many of the individuals using these services would have no other way of getting out and so could easily become isolated without the help ECT Charity is providing. ECT Charity allows these people to go to the shops and visit friends, helping them stay active and remain involved in their community. ECT Charity also offer an accessible minibus service to local community organisations, such as charities and voluntary groups. This means that day trips can be organised to local attractions, allowing vulnerable people to enjoy a day out.

Why We Chose Them:

Due to the Covid-19 crisis many of ECT Charity’s regular customers are unable to use the services at the moment. However, they have not been forgotten and ECT Charity have altered their services to fit in with the current situation.

They are now providing their transport services to anyone who needs them, including organising school runs for children of key workers who are still attending school. They have also been busy delivering hundreds of food parcels to the most vulnerable in their communities, making sure they continue to have access to everything they need.

ECT Charity know that a lot of their customers may be feeling more isolated than ever at the moment, so they have set up a phone call programme, calling people to check how they are doing, whether they need help with anything and to offer a bit of company over the phone. They are constantly reviewing the situation and coming up with new ways to help the communities where they operate.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

ECT Charity’s vision of inclusion and accessibility for all members of society is something we strongly believe in here at Ground Up Digital. Often people can be overlooked through no fault of their own and may become isolated because of this. We believe that everyone should be offered the same opportunities in life and therefore, we try to hire individuals who may have struggled to find work elsewhere. We love the fact that ECT Charity go above and beyond to enrich the lives of everyone they serve, making a huge difference to the community.

You can read more about our values here:

How You Can Support Them:

ECT Charity are looking for drivers to join their team as well as volunteers.

If you are interested you can find out more here: