Social Enterprise of the Week - Hope Enterprises

Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

Hope Enterprises

Battling through the Coronavirus Crisis


Hope Enterprises help disadvantaged people get back on their feet by offering work experience, support and training opportunities. They aim to improve skills, confidence and self-esteem in people who may find it difficult to find employment elsewhere.

Their Vision / Mission:

Hope Enterprises are a social enterprise providing training and work opportunities to those in need. They are part of the Northampton Hope Centre Charity, an anti-poverty charity working to improve the lives of those affected by homelessness and poverty.

Hope Enterprises run several businesses which provide useful products and services throughout the community, while also allowing disadvantaged people to gain skills and experience by working in them. These include Hope Catering, Hope Gardening, Hope Tools, Hope Charity Shop and Hope Food Club. The services these businesses offer are fundamental in supporting the local community. For example, Hope Food Club tackles food poverty through access to affordable, healthy food, some of which has been grown in the community gardening projects run by Hope Gardening. This food is then distributed through community centres and hubs to those who may be struggling.

Why We Chose Them:

We are currently facing a global crisis due to the Coronavirus which has impacted everyone’s lives; businesses and individuals alike. Many people are self isolating, waiting out the storm in the safety of their own homes however, this isn’t possible for some people. The homeless need support now more than ever and in these difficult times, Hope Enterprises are doing so much to continue to support the most vulnerable.

They are running food delivery services through their Food Club, delivering essentials to those who need them and are also waiving payment for these services. The Northampton Hope Day Centre is also continuing to stay open to offer takeaway meals, hot drinks, showers and clothes to the homeless. These services are even more important at the moment and Hope Enterprises are doing an amazing job by providing them.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

We love the fact that Hope Enterprises are helping people to help themselves, by providing them with new skills and opportunities. Here at Ground Up Digital this is something that we strongly believe in and try to achieve by hiring people that may have been overlooked previously. We think everyone deserves the same chances in life regardless of background, demographic or past mistakes and can see Hope Enterprises feel the same way.

You can read more about our values here:

How You Can Support Them:

Hope Enterprises are always looking for food donations for their Food Club. During these difficult times, this is more important than ever to enable them to support more people:


You can also donate to their JustGiving page set up to support those in need at this challenging time: