Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

Inspired Youth

Inspired Youth are a social enterprise empowering young people to have a voice through arts, media and film.

Their Vision / Mission:

Created in 2007, Inspired Youth are a York based social enterprise who are passionate about making a positive difference to their community. They help young and marginalised people by engaging them in positive creative projects. Through the use of arts, media and film Inspired Youth enable young people to gain skills and confidence and find a positive way to express themselves.

Inspired Youth also run high impact social campaigns that tackle stigma and stereotypes. They create films raising awareness about difficult subjects such as bullying, dementia, suicide and mental health. These campaigns along with their creative education projects, teach young people about important subjects that may not be on the typical school curriculum.

Inspired Youth also run an Ambassador Volunteer Scheme for former participants in their projects. This allows young people to gain knowledge and experience they would be unlikely to get elsewhere and pursue their interests in arts, film and media. Inspired Youth’s projects and activities give young people a more positive outlook on life and can help them get back on track if they have gone down the wrong path.

Why We Chose Them:

Inspired Youth are still making sure to support their community even in the different times we are facing at the moment. They are active on their social media channels, posting activities to get involved with and stories of people’s experiences in lockdown. It’s great to see the work they’re doing to ensure people still get the help they need.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

We love the fact that Inspired Youth are inclusive to everyone. They help people from all backgrounds with a focus on empowering people who may be marginalised or otherwise overlooked. This is very similar to our social mission here at Ground Up Digital. We try to hire people who may have struggled previously to find employment due to past mistakes or neurodiversity. Helping them gain skills and confidence in the workplace.

You can read more about our values here: https://groundup.digital/our-values/

How You Can Support Them:

Inspired Youth are always looking for like-minded individuals, organisations and companies to develop partnerships with. Find out more here: https://inspiredyouth.org/get-in-touch/