Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

Leeds Wood Recycling

Leeds Wood Recycling are a Leeds based social enterprise who collect, recycle and repurpose waste wood, diverting it from landfill.

Their Vision / Mission:

Established in 2018, Leeds Wood Recycling run wood collection services for both domestic and commercial sites. 100% of the wood they collect is repurposed or recycled in some way, avoiding the need for more trees to be felled and reducing waste. They sell any repurposed wood items in their reclaimed timber shop, giving the wood a new lease of life. Repurposing wood in this way creates job opportunities which Leeds Wood Recycling then offer to marginalised people across West Yorkshire. Through volunteering and working for the company, employees can gain skills, training and experience, helping them escape a period of unemployment.

Why We Chose Them:

Not only are Leeds Wood Recycling offering a sustainable alternative to hiring a skip, but they are also creating a positive impact on their local community through the job opportunities and training they provide.

They have been continuing their services despite Covid-19 and are still offering collections and running online woodwork classes. It’s great to see a local social enterprise driving sustainability forwards in this innovative way.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

At Ground Up Digital we try to be as sustainable as possible and have joined forces with the company Oblong Trees to become more carbon positive by planting trees to offset our carbon footprint. Leeds Wood Recycling are doing a fantastic job of reducing the number of trees being felled while also providing meaningful job opportunities to those who need them. This is something that also closely aligns with our social objective as we are on a mission to employ people who have struggled previously to find work due to background, neurodiversity, or past mistakes.

You can read more about our values here: https://groundup.digital/our-values/

How You Can Support Them:

Book an appointment to visit Leeds Wood Recycling’s shop or use their click and collect service. Find out more here: https://www.leedswoodrecycling.co.uk/shop/

You can also get in touch with them about their ethical, cost-effective, and convenient wood collection service: https://www.leedswoodrecycling.co.uk/collections/