Our Social Enterprise of the Week:


Scrap Creative Reuse Art Project (SCRAP) are a social enterprise focused on helping the environment by reusing waste business materials as resources for art and play.

Their Vision / Mission:

Based in Leeds SCRAP was set up in 2006 with the aim of creating a better environment for future generations. They achieve this by diverting unwanted materials from landfill and reusing them in art, learning and community projects throughout the region. Every year they recycle over 100 tonnes of business waste that would otherwise have been left to damage the environment in landfill.

SCRAP have come up with many innovative ways of reusing these waste materials. They sell a large amount in their ScrapStore for anyone to buy and reuse in whatever way they want. They also run workshops for schools and the public, focusing on creativity through reuse and invention. Any larger items that SCRAP acquire are reused in their ScrapSheds project. ScrapSheds are sheds set up in school playgrounds containing recycled materials children can use for outdoor creative play. The equipment contained in these sheds encourages children to work together and use their imaginations while playing.

Another way SCRAP are helping the environment is through their reSTORE house refill shop. Here you can refill your own containers with household cleaning and self-care products, reducing packaging waste. This helps fight the problem of single use plastics and is a great idea to help save the planet.

SCRAP also supports the local community through their community café which offers job and volunteering opportunities for people with learning disabilities and mental and physical health issues. This enables them to develop workplace skills and build confidence in a safe environment.

Why We Chose Them:

SCRAP are doing a fantastic job of helping the environment and their local community. Although they have had to close their stores at the moment due to Government guidelines, they are still using their services to offer support. Currently they are working to produce Mini Scrap Boxes to keep children entertained during lockdown. Filled with repurposed materials diverted from landfill, these boxes are being donated to families across Leeds bringing some fun into children’s lives.

The Work They Do:

Here’s a video from one of SCRAP’s fans, exploring their ScrapStore:

How They Align With Our Values:

It seems as if today’s society has become very wasteful and anything that can be done to reduce some of this waste is a great idea. The work SCRAP are doing to reuse items that would previously have ended up in landfill is a brilliant way of tackling this problem. Here at Ground Up Digital we try our best to be more conscious about what we are throwing away and do everything we can to be more environmentally friendly.

You can read more about our values here:

How You Can Support Them:

SCRAP are always looking for business donations of waste materials. Businesses can become SCRAP donors, supplying their clean waste products which SCRAP will then reuse. This cuts down on the landfill charges that the business will have to pay and means they are able to demonstrate their environmental awareness.

For more info visit:

SCRAP are also looking for donations to help support their Mini Scrap Boxes project.

More info here: