Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

Sports for Schools

Sports for Schools are a social enterprise bringing the country’s top athletes to primary schools across the UK.

Their Vision / Mission:

Set up in 2005 Sports for Schools are on a mission to encourage children to be more active and lead healthier lives. They run activities and events in schools with some of the UK’s top athletes, teaching children about sport, health, and fitness. The visits that Sports for Schools provide do not cost the school anything, instead they are used to raise funds for new sports equipment and programmes for the schools. So far, the social enterprise has inspired over 6000 schools and raised over £4M for new sporting equipment. Sports for Schools also educate teachers and staff about the importance of physical activity in schools, helping them create inspiring and motivational PE lessons.

Why We Chose Them:

Participating in fun and exciting sporting activities is important for both physical and mental wellbeing in children. By engaging and motivating children to try sports at an early age Sports for Schools are getting them into healthy habits which will last a lifetime. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic Sports for Schools have changed their activities in line with Government guidelines so schools can continue to enjoy them in a safe way. They have also started arranging virtual events so athletes can deliver an event for the whole school remotely. It’s fantastic that Sports for Schools have been able to adapt so quickly so children do not miss out on everything they have to offer.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

Here at Ground Up Digital, we are always looking for new ways to improve our physical and mental wellbeing and know that exercise plays a huge part in this. It’s great to see that Sports for Schools are encouraging children to try new things while promoting healthy lifestyles.

You can read more about our values here: https://groundup.digital/our-values/

How You Can Support Them:

If you’re a parent or teacher get in touch with Sports for Schools to find out more about hosting an event at your school: https://sportsforschools.org/#feature-school