Social Enterprise of the Week

Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

St George’s Crypt

St George’s Crypt are a charity, running a range of social enterprises in retail and catering. These social enterprises offer training and development opportunities to their homeless and vulnerable clients, allowing them to gain new skills and make positive changes to their lives.

Their Vision / Mission:

Set up in 1930, St George’s Crypt started life as a simple soup kitchen offering food and shelter to the homeless in Leeds. 90 years later the charity has come a long way but still continues to offer help and support to the most vulnerable in their society.

St George’s Crypt aims to help clients make meaningful changes to their lifestyle and then supports them on this positive path. They do this by offering a huge range of services including both practical and emotional support. They provide food, accommodation and clothing to those in need, as well as rehabilitation programmes and counselling to those suffering from addiction.

What really sets St George’s Crypt apart from other charities, is their mission to help people help themselves. By offering work opportunities where their clients can gain skills, self-confidence and a sense of achievement, they encourage people to make positive changes to their own lives.

Why We Chose Them:

Even though St George’s Crypt have had to close their shops and cafes for the time being due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, they are continuing to offer their support to the most vulnerable. They are still providing lunch services 7 days a week, as well as emergency accommodation to those in need.

They have also adapted their services to include food delivery to clients and have moved their therapy sessions online, so people can still access help. It’s great to see that despite these difficult times, St George’s Crypt have not forgotten about their clients and have recognised that the support they offer is now more important than ever.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

It’s fantastic to see how inclusive St George’s Crypt are, offering their services to individuals from all walks of life. Here at Ground Up Digital we pride ourselves on being a social enterprise, providing opportunities to people who may have struggled to find employment in the past. We love the fact that St George’s Crypt are giving people new skills and opportunities, enabling them to improve their lives. We believe everyone deserves the same chances in life regardless of background, demographic or past mistakes and can see that St George’s Crypt agree with this too.

You can read more about our values here:

How You Can Support Them:

St George’s Crypt need support and donations now more than ever, as they have had to close their shops and cancel their fundraising events. You can find out more about how to donate here:!/DonationDetails#%2FDonationDetails