Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

The Free Seed Company

The Free Seed Company collect donations of unwanted or surplus plant seeds and redistribute them to worthy causes across the UK.

Their Vision / Mission:

Established in 2018, The Free Seed Company are a not for profit social enterprise whose aim is to help community projects, charities and social groups by providing them with the plant seeds they require. They accept donations of all types of seeds from vegetable to wildflower and match them with causes in need of them. The Free Seed Company define a good cause to be anything that is educating, enabling or engaging the people they are working with. Their donations mean that all types of community projects are able to take place, from planting wildflower gardens to improve surroundings, to setting up allotments in schools and the wider area.

Why We Chose Them:

By finding new uses for seeds that would otherwise have gone to waste, The Free Seed Company are helping the environment as well as supporting community projects and charities. Having access to community groups and projects is important for many people and The Free Seed Company are helping these groups continue to run. The work they do with schools means that children can learn the importance of caring for plants and how to grow their own healthy food. The Free Seed Company have also created an educational game aimed to teach children about different plant families. This type of hands-on education is really engaging for children and will help them be more aware of environmental impact when they are older.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

We love the sustainable, environmentally friendly approach of The Free Seed Company as we are also a very environmentally conscious company. We try to do all we can to reduce our waste and have joined Oblong Trees’ quest to become more carbon positive by planting trees to offset our carbon footprint.

You can read more about our values here: https://groundup.digital/our-values/

How You Can Support Them:

The Free Seed Company are always looking for donations of any plant or vegetable seeds so they can pass them on to worthy causes. Find out more here: https://www.thefreeseedcompany.org/donate-seeds