Our Social Enterprise of the Week:

The Soap Co.

The Soap Co. create some fantastic eco-friendly products. But what really sets them apart, is the way they treat their staff, and the opportunities they are creating for disadvantaged and disabled individuals. They employ staff based on their abilities, regardless of their disabilities.

Their Vision / Mission:

The Soap Co. (set up in 2015) create cruelty free, ethical skin care products. Whats special about them is that their collections are crafted by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. As if this wasnt enough, The Soap Co. are also very environmentally conscious and are constantly creating more ways to be sustainable. They have a range of recycled and recyclable packaging, even focusing on the finer details with compostable stickers and biodegradable glue. They aim to generate 60 new jobs per year, helping people with disabilities into the workplace.

Why We Chose Them:

When we found out about The Soap Co. we were blown away by the testimonials from their staff about the difference they have made to their employees lives. Its amazing that something as simple as buying a bar of soap can help change someones life for the better, and we think theyre cause is well worth supporting. So much so, we’ve decided to stock their products in the office here at Ground Up Digital.

The Work They Do:

How They Align With Our Values:

Here at Ground Up Digital we share a lot of the same values as The Soap Co. and love how they are creating jobs for people who may have struggled to gain employment elsewhere. This is something that is very close to our hearts, as we as a company provide equal opportunities to all our prospective employees, regardless of the challenges they may face or their past mistakes. Read more about our values here: https://groundup.digital/values/

How You Can Support Them:

By buying The Soap Co. products you are helping to create life changing job opportunities for people as well as helping the environment. Businesses can also show their support by choosing The Soap Co. products for corporate gifting and by stocking the products in their washrooms.

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