Ever feel like you are not getting the right traffic or engagement when it comes to your social media posts? Well, this blog is here to help you. We at Ground Up Digital have some tips and mistakes to avoid when posting on social media.

  • Working without a plan

Never start posting on social media without a plan. The first thing you should be doing is creating a social media strategy. Before posting anything on any platform, make sure to gather who you want your posts to reach. Who is your target audience? Is the type of content something they would be interacting with? These are the questions you should be asking yourself before posting anything. A social media strategy will be what gets you the interaction and traffic your social platforms need.

  • Assuming your audience is everyone 

As mentioned, thinking about who your target audience is has to be the first step before posting anything, so you are generating and focusing on the right type of people and creating the right kind of content. Assuming your audience is anyone who comes across your page is not correct. Not everyone that clicks on your profile is going to interact with your posts. Make sure to get all the right information and create a persona plan before posting content on your social pages. 

  • Using irrelevant hashtags

Do you want the right exposure and want your content shown in a variety of timelines? Then you need to make sure you are using the right hashtags. Again do research, what hashtags are your target audience looking at or posting. Do a competitor analysis on what  hashtags your competitors are using. Take a look and do your research, as the last thing you want is to use all these hashtags, and your content isn’t getting any interaction at all. 

  • Focusing on quality over quantity 

Never think that continuous posts on social media will get you loads of traffic. If anything, it will get you pushed out of the algorithm. Most social platforms have algorithms that do not appreciate spamming. Also, spamming can make you lose followers and likes after a while too. The best thing you can do is make sure to post once or twice a day. You have to make sure the quality of your content  fits your brand, that way, there will be more engagement. 

  • Sharing only your own content 

Content sharing is great for SEO and getting that engagement. Also, promoting others’ content will get your posts shared too. If you share another company’s blog or social posts with a comment, they will most likely like or retweet your comment. Doing this is a great way to grow your audience and network. Interacting with similar businesses to yours will help you get into their target audience view and vice versa.

These tips are some mistakes that can be easily made, so be careful and check to see if you are making these mistakes. If you need any help when posting on social media, contact us at Contact@groundup.digital for some advice. Also, check out our website http://groundup.digital for our other services.