I’m delighted to announce that Ground Up Digital is the very first organisation to be awarded the Aspiring Social Enterprise Accreditation, by Social Enterprise Mark CIC (SEM). This is once again a demonstration of our commitment to social enterprise principals and shows that we are working towards the recognised standards of good practice.

This is a huge deal, because standards are very high and all applications must be assessed and verified by an independent panel before being awarded the accreditation. Social Enterprise Mark are the only international social enterprise organisation to operate as a social enterprise, as they are a community interest company themselves.

We originally reached out to SEM to enquire if we would qualify for its Mark accreditation, but as we have only been trading since March 2019, we did not have the necessary account history to qualify. I was then delighted when a few weeks later I received a call from the amazing Rachel Fell to enquire if we were interested in their new Mark accreditation, the Aspiring Mark.

The Aspiring Mark is created for start up businesses like us, who have a social mission and being recognised for the accreditation is a big thumbs up to the way we’re conducting ourselves right now. It also means we’re backed by an organisation who implicitly understands what social enterprise excellence looks like and can help guide us on our journey. We’re delighted that Lucy Findlay, an incredibly inspiring woman, who I met very briefly at the SEYH 2019 Conference, and her team are behind us. It makes us feel stronger as an organisation and redoubles our desire to fulfil our social mission.

As well as all of this we will be getting support to help us measure the impact of our social journey so we can be transparent with everything we do. Because dear reader, we really care about this. We want you and everyone else to see all the positives in everything we’re doing. We want to inspire other businesses to follow our model, and emphasise that it is no good just to bolt a CSR function to your business. The social missions you look to achieve are built into the very core of the company’s fabric, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals.

A huge thank you to Social Enterprise Mark for recognising that this is what we’re trying to achieve, now onwards towards the Gold Mark accreditation.