I’ve been angry for a long time.


Because I truly believe the world is broken. It took me a long time to realise this while I sleepwalked from material positions to life choices that were bound to make me feel better. Each time wondering, why am I still angry.

Now, I’m awake. And I’m no longer angry. Quite the contrary, I’m possibly the most excited I’ve ever been.

Today is 1 st March 2019, and far from being a significant date, it is still the day that I got back my papers from Company’s House and Ground Up Digital Media LTD was born. We’ll come back to this later, but reflecting for a second I feel that February 2019 gave us plenty to question why this world
is so broken.

The UK just had its hottest Feb in on record and rather than cause a massive uproar about global warming and the potential devastation this is causing to our ecosystem, people are declaring it a good thing. Politicians in charge of the whole country, seem to solely be focused on Brexit, which was voted for by 17million people, and are quite happy to completely ignore, not just the 16million who voted against, but also the remaining 33 million people in the country who didn’t vote at all. Our school systems are putting huge, unbearable pressure on children from SATs to A levels and yet we still insist on forcing them to learn and work in draconian Victorian conditions, designed for prepping children for work in sweatshops. And don’t even get me started on daylight savings which comes at the end of the month.

I’ll stop ranting because this isn’t a story about all the things that are broken in this world. This is the real-life account, of my decision to try and change a little bit of it. To bring hope to some people who have none, and at the same time prove to the broken society that we live in it is possible to do good and make money all at the same time.

I make no guarantees about my success, but I’m for the first time completely ready to dedicate my life to something. It’s this sense of purpose that is shining happiness into all the darkest corners of my life and that purpose is giving me believe that if I can give that purpose to others, then I can make a difference in peoples lives.

And this is the tale I want to tell. This is a story of trying to give people hope, and I’m so excited to get started.