In early 2021 Twitter is to relaunch account verifications and they want your feedback ahead of the implementation. This is so when it  goes live next year they can make sure they do everything right.

Twitter will initially verify six different types of accounts. These will include those belonging to government officials, companies, news, entertainment, sports, and influential individuals.  These categories could expand in time.

Each account must meet specific requirements, such as being profiled in media outlets or being  associated with a prominently recognised individual or brand. Independent or freelance journalists may also be verified if they can provide 3 credits in qualifying publications, published within the past 6 months.

The previous verification system was paused in 2017. The following year, Twitter announced that any kind of work on the verification system would be placed on an indefinite hold. But now in 2020 the company has said work on its verification system will be resumed.

Users on Twitter can offer feedback on the verification policy up to the 8th of December and it is being made available in several languages. If you want to get involved simply respond to the survey Twitter has posted or  tweet your feedback publicly, using the hashtag #VerificationFeedback.

Twitter will also be announcing many other new features coming in 2021 at the beginning of next year. They are also trying to introduce new account labels that can help users identify themselves more easily.

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