It’s Good Friday and so ends another week at Ground Up Digital. It’s been a very interesting first month, and what I had hoped would be regular updates to this blog, have unfortunately been curtailed by… life.

I was going to say work, and although there has been plenty of that, it’s the wraparound of life that has caused us the most issues. The story of Ground Up Digital so far has been passionate and soaring momentum, being knocked back to the ground by the reality of the fragility of life.

We’ve had some huge wins so far, being recognised by Social Enterprise UK as an official social enterprise. Signing two new clients with another three in the pipeline and that’s even without starting our digital marketing campaigns yet. Work is going really well and Tiggi, who didn’t know what WordPress was let alone how to adapt a theme, has built this very website almost single-handed.

Just as we feel we are unstoppable and expect to take flight in a spiral of momentum, we get hit by life. I shall not bore you with all the details, but for instance when my 17-year-old dog had to be put down and, my wife, Holly sprained her ankle… all in the same day I didn’t think the gods were smiling upon me.

This week has been no different, when we started the week sealing the contract on a new client and upselling a huge project with another, we felt immortal. Then Tiggi lost half the week due to his grandmother falling and having to spend the remainder of the week in intensive care with the fantastic medical staff at the LGI. We wish her a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with Tiggi and his family.

It is weeks like this one that have defined the company, and rather than let it get us down, we’re more determined than ever to ensure that this doesn’t overwhelm us. Life will happen. Life happens to every business, to every employee. It is for these very reasons of life that reminds me that we’re doing the right thing. Slow and steady wins the race, and our ambitions are huge, and if they have to be achieved two steps forward and one back, then at least we’ll be learning more from each step we take.