Our values from the Ground Up

Helping to make a positive change in hearts and wallets both locally and permanently

What is Ground Up Digital?

Ground Up Digital is a social enterprise digital marketing agency that will hire people who struggle to get gainful and meaningful employment elsewhere. The staff require no formal qualifications, as they will be trained by Ground Up Digital in all aspects of digital marketing and will then work on real contracts for locally-based clients. What they need is passion, desire and a motivation to learn and work.


Ground Up Digital is not a charity; it is important for both clients and staff to understand this, because we firmly believe that to achieve the aims of the business it cannot be seen or thought of as a charity. It will, rather, be a business that acts and behaves like a business should do, in an ethically and moral way towards both staff, clients and the local community.

Pillars of the company
The company has 6 key pillars:
Providing staff with confidence and self-worth

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”.  Working in meaningful, interesting and challenging environments has the power to completely change and empower people for the better. We aim to provide this self-worth for all our staff.

Training staff in specialised skills and encouraging them to explore their niche to become market leaders

We want to train all our staff in a wide range of digital marketing skills, client liaison, organisational skills and even public speaking, and help them utilise those new attributes in a real business environment. Ground Up Digital doesn’t just want to stop there, we want to be market leaders in what we do, to grow and expand the business to become one of the world’s best digital marketing agencies. If we believe this, our staff will believe this and it will happen.

To pay staff a fair living wage to ensure that they can stand on their own

This pillar is crucial because the first two basic needs in ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ are physiological and safety needs. Unless these two needs are met, a person cannot achieve self-fulfilment and to do this they need to earn a decent wage. This has been judged by the Living Wage Foundation as the UK Real Living Wage.

Providing cost-effective business support to the local community

Our customer base will be businesses that are already established but do not know or understand how to capitalise on the benefits digital marketing can provide. This puts them at a disadvantage compared to larger businesses who already have access to expensive digital marketing agencies. These entrepreneurs should be supported. Rather than having to pay astronomical fees to a big agency that the business cannot afford, Ground Up Digital will offer a much fairer local price.

To constantly innovate and inspire

Digital Marketing is constantly changing and this change is driven by inspirational companies who are constantly moving the goalposts. We aim to be a part of this innovation, at Ground Up Digital, not just for our staff and clients, but we aim to have a wider impact on the digital marketing world as a whole. We will achieve this, by training our staff to be experts in their field and joining global debates. When our staff leave us, we aim to ensure they get jobs at global leading agencies and allow them to realise their full potential, in turn contributing to this goal.

Following our ethical code

Ground Up Digital wants to be a company that does good in the world. We want to make people money, but also improve the world around us while we do it and make sure, over and above everything, we are a positive influence on people’s lives and businesses. This will be achieved through increasing the marketing presence and profits of local clients, building the self-worth and value of employees, and working with a yearly chosen charity selected by staff.