After conducting a survey of our most recent 10 clients, I am extremely proud to reveal our Net Promoter Score here at Ground Up Digital. Our score is 30%. This means that we can officially say that we deliver a ‘Great’ service here at Ground Up Digital. 

According to ‘Retently’, anything above 0 is good, above 30% is considered great and anything above 70 is Excellent. Although, ‘Bain & Co’, the source of the Net Promoter Scoring system, suggests that above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world class.

For a company of Ground Up Digital’s size that have not even been trading 3 years, a Net Promoter Score considered as ‘Great’ is incredibly impressive. To further put this in perspective the ‘Digital Marketing’ Industry as a whole’s score is around 50 and considering this includes only larger firms who take the time, money and effort to measure and record their NPS score, this demonstrates that our service is incredible for a company of our size. We are building something special here at Ground Up Digital and this is a fantastic milestone in our journey.  

I have looked at the current score for some giant global companies and was quite surprised in their scoring and how Ground Up Digital compared. This further gives me a confidence that Ground Up Digital’s clients are incredibly happy with the service given and that our score is an excellent growth base for the future. 

Company NameNet Promoter Score
Google 11 (Yet it still has a 92.47% market share)
Coca Cola 0
Amazon 25
Nike 0

Ground Up Digital | A Social Enterprise Digital Agency

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What is a Net Promoter Score?

Firstly, lets understand what a Net Promoter Score actually is. “Net Promoter Score is a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or a service to a friend or colleague.”

So why is this important? 

Without saying this is a key metric to benchmark yourself on when conducting business. If our customers are likely to recommend Ground Up Digital to others, then it is a high likelihood that they are happy with the product/service that we are producing. If they are not likely to recommend us, then this gives us a great opportunity to ask why and gain some real valuable feedback from our customers. From this information, we can can make any adjustments to our current product/services & also our customer service, if necessary. 

Note that, unhappy customers talk about their bad experiences with others, and they are three times more likely to do so than sharing their positive experiences, so it is worth addressing these issues as a priority. 

Asking questions surrounding our positives and negatives, really shows our customers that we care about their feedback and more importantly, are willing to do something about it. So just even asking these types of questions in the first place helps our customers to go through a thought process, by which they are even more likely to recommend us after the question is asked. 

Of course, a more obvious importance is that more referrals will arise from existing customers that have positive experiences, meaning more opportunities for business for Ground Up Digital. Quite simply, the more referrals we get the more business we are likely to convert into profitable clients. 

TIP: If a customer responds positively then why not ask if the customer if they have anyone in mind as a referral? What do you have to lose!


In conclusion, speaking to your clients and knowing your NPS score is invaluable, as it can help your business evaluate its current performance, address any issues with your product’s/service’s and help to fuel organic growth. Here at Ground Up Digital we are extremely proud to reveal our score and will hopefully make you understand that we are a customer focused business that is always willing to change for the better. Now we have a benchmark to work against, our next aim is for an NPS score of 70 or above. See you when we get there!