The HIVE app is the newest growing social app that people are talking about right now, and people are asking if it will become the new Instagram. We at Ground Up Digital will offer you more information on this app and its rising popularity. Who knows, maybe we will join it ourselves and see if it is worth the hype.

  • What is HIVE

Even though everyone is talking about it right now, HIVE is relatively young. It was created and marketed in 2019. From some of the comments I have seen on Twitter, it seems to be the one social platform for photos, with no annoying algorithms. Also, it is very much like Instagram with its design and style. You can  follow pages of your interest and even choose a song for your profile, just like the classic MySpace.

  • Its Growing Popularity

HIVE has recently grown tremendously as many people on Twitter claim it to be one of the best apps they have been on. From what I can see within the comments the reason why many people have moved on to HIVE is the fact it is like Instagram without the new annoying algorithm and restrictions. As of recent, this may be the new craze, like TikTok, and grow in popularity. 

  • Will it be the New Instagram?

If HIVE shows no disappointment, Instagram may become old news. Business-wise I do not know how this app could be helpful or give more SEO and traffic; that is different from Instagram right now. Unless they start doing some PPC or post boosts within their platform. For now, it seems to be the new app everyone wants to try out and be a part of, especially as Instagram keeps failing everyone.

So, will any of you be joining HIVE? Also, this may be a great future venture. HIVE may be a good platform for business in the next few months. Music might even become a part of branding again if they are now allowing songs on the app, advert jingles may make a new return.