In the short period of time since founding Ground Up Digital, I’ve encountered some wonderful people. Really awe inspiring people from every walk of life.

It really has given me a faith that regardless of the political climate, or increasing feelings that we’re living in dark times, that humanity is thriving and filled with wonderful people.

I’m always an optimist and always pride myself on being able to see within a person and pull out their best qualities, even the ones that they themselves don’t realise they have. That is why I’ve created this company and its skills like this, and many more beyond mine, that I see in abundance in social entrepreneurs and across the third sector.

The third sector is filled with people overflowing with some amazing attributes and you can’t help but feel warm and welcome and the vast majority of people that I meet these days share one characteristic. Optimism.

I play football twice a week, and I can usually split the people I play with into two categories, inspirational optimists and detractors. The detractors will simply shout at you unless they see perfection on the pitch, this is despite the fact that they are making exactly the same mistakes. Then you have the optimists, these are the people who despite going 5-0 down will say chin up and encourage you to be the best person you can be. Which I’ve genuinely seen the odds overturned and ended up winning 9-8.  

The people I’ve met in the third sector resemble the motivators, the people who propel others to do better and be better versions of themselves. It is these people, through sheer optimism in the face of a world that, lets face it, can be pretty depressing at times. These are the people that can see past the doom and gloom and carve out a piece of the earth for not just themselves but others as well. It is these people, that are inspiring me at the moment to follow in their footsteps and it is these people who are the ones that have the power to make the world a better place.

It is my intention of pulling together a list of people in order to celebrate them and portray to the world the great things they are doing, but this is a blog for a different day.